Youtube caused some ruckus Wednesday evening.

It happened a little before 7 pm, and Youtube visitors took notice.

The outage lasted for about 2 hours, and during that span of time, more than 280,000 users reported an error. I can go ahead and say Alex the super-intern submitted 5 of those reports herself??

Youtube is the #2 most visited site  in the United States, and we Texans use it for everything, from Z-RO music videos to DIY chile con queso recipes; Texans love being on Youtube.

WorldStarHipHop - Youtube

So being offline could have potentially caused quite a scene in some households.

Since Youtube dominates the web, many users had to find other ways to stay entertained while Youtube got itself together. To pass the time, users shifted to Twitter and flooded the feed with memes and the hashtag #YoutubeDown. Honestly, some of these memes are so spot on and embarrassingly hit so close to home.

Look, I completely get it, guy, times were hard, and we turned to the one place we thought we could count on... Around 8 pm, Youtube confirmed the glitch had been fixed, and the site was up and running again.

Users are happy to be on the site again, but everyone has been left in the dark about what actually happened. Youtube was being very vague about the situation and gave no details.

Either way, we can all go back to watching dogs on skateboards and the baby shark dance, and really, isn't that what really matters.

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