How the hell do these acts come up with so much original material? Join us as we count down 10 Rock + Metal Acts That Have Made a Ridiculous Number of Albums.

For this list, we stuck strictly with full-length studio albums. So these tallies don’t include EPs, splits, live albums, compilations, box sets or anything of that ilk.

Some of these legendary bands have accumulated two dozen albums by simply having extremely long careers. The iconic Motorhead managed to crank out 22 hard hitting albums over four decades, and they’re only No. 10 on this list! Melvins also take a spot on this list thanks to the self-professed “songwriting machine” that is Buzz Osborne.

Some of these musicians have barraged fans with a truly staggering amount of full-lengths, making it basically impossible to absorb every piece of that artist’s music. Buckethead takes the cake in this conversation, having cranked out 264 studio albums — the great majority of which have been released in the past few years.

Check out our full list of 10 Rock + Metal Acts That Have Made a Ridiculous Number of Albums in the video above!

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