Shaken Up

This week started off late. Many of us had a three-day weekend and got o to sleep off all the fireworks and celebrating we did over the weekend. By Monday night, it was time to kick it into gear and get back to the regular routine. However, for one household, their night was shaken up a bit.

Local Facebook Post Circulating

Early Wednesday morning, a post almost immediately began circulating on a Facebook group for Bloomington residents. The post was from a concerned Bloomington citizen whose family member had just encountered a situation late at night.

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In the post that has now been taken down, it originally read: "good morning at about 3:30 am a little boy showed up at my sisters' doorstep anyone recognize this little boy or is looking for him."

I remember waking up Wednesday morning and seeing the post on my feed. Concerned citizens held back judgment and immediately began sharing the post and commenting with their best wishes and hoping for the reunion of this little boy to his family.

Press Release

By 10:45 am, the Victoria County Sheriff's Office published a press release online. They gave a few details about what happened and happily informed the public that the little boy had been reunited with his family.

So What Happened?

Apparently, the boy had been taken in around 3:45 am by a family after wandering around the streets. The family called the local authorities and tried to locate his family online. The police took action and began going door to door late at night to try and find the boy's family. "For approximately 3 hours, deputy sheriffs and an investigator went door to door knocking to see if anyone could identify the child or where he lived."

The Search Continued

While the search continued, the little boy was taken to the Sheriff's Office and given breakfast. According to the press release, "A family member of the child who had responsibility for the child was finally located around 7:00 am. He responded to the Sheriff's Office for an interview with investigators."

Backlash Begins in 3..2..1..

The little boy was released to his confirmed family. It seems the child's parent may have been away, and a family member was looking after him. Luckily this ended well because a little child roaming around well past 3 am could have been so much more morbid. However, after the press release was posted on Facebook, the child's family began to receive an enormous amount of backlash.

Neglect or Not?

People wondered if CPS was called and how something horrific like that could happen. Many stated it was neglect, while others pointed out how easy it is for a child to wake up in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep and let themselves out to wander around. Either way, the case is still open and under investigation, but the main thing is the little boy is safe and well.

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