Goodbye Summer, Hello Spooky Season

As summer begins to wind down, we are about to skip over everything and go straight into SpOoKy season. So break out the broomsticks, black eyeliner, and turn on the TV to begin watching the Sanderson Sisters to help get the vibes going. 

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Pooks was looking for Spooks so to do a little pre-season celebration, I kick-started spooky season in Houston. There is a super local tour that will get those spooky vibes turned up to ten and maybe get you a little turnt up as well. 

Can't Wait?

Want to just get to the good stuff? Scroll down to the gallery and look at where I landed. P.S. Do not forget to check out the last photos where I WITNESSED something unbelievably paranormal.

Spill The Deets:

The tour is by a company called Nightly Spirits, and they walk around Downtown Houston giving tours in ghostly buildings. My tour was a combination of two fun things: ghosts and beer!

Ghost Tour and Pub Crawl

A combination of their ghost tour paired with the Houston nightlife. There are four stops, and every one of those is a bar! Each of the chosen bars comes with a paranormal history that the guide will go into detail about.

Ghost: Cool, Beer: Yum, Tour Guide: AMAZING

While the paranormal history is cool and the drinks were delicious, the best thing about the tour was the guide! I was fortunate enough to get paired with a tour guide by the name of Emily. 

Emily had such a fabulous and theatrical presence, which shouldn't surprise anyone getting the tour because she is also an actress. The stories and small talk were full of laughter, history, and just fun vibes all around.

Check It Out

If you find yourself in Houston and want to get your spook on, I highly suggest this tour and DEFINITELY ask for Emily; it will make everything so much fun. Check out some of the places we went to and a little bit of their unique history down below.

Ghost Tour and Booze to Kick Start the Spooky Season

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