Lone Star Ghosts

It's all tricks and no treats(unless you like being scared, paranoid, and horrified.) It's October [witch] basically signifies all these scary and paranormal activities are highly active. While trick or treating may get you tons of candy bars, haunted locations are ready to give you more than just a scare, and they are all over the Lone Star State.

Adrenaline Rush Ignited by Fear

It's Halloween time, and we all get a little curious about haunted places we can stroll past. There is always a group of friends roaming around, looking for the adrenaline rush caused by fear.

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First-Hand Ghost Stories

Fire up the bonfire and get out your flashlights. Honestly. nothing beats a good ghost story this time of year. The best stories are the first-hand experiences told by the witness. You want scary, well we have got the places here in our Lone Star state.

Victoria Has the Spooky Vibes

Stroll past Salem bridge in victoria at nighttime and prepare for a heavy presence. It's eerie, it's dark, and it's just plain creepy. The spooky vibes are high at this Victoria location. Many tales and rumors floating around about this bridge.

Don't Forget About Yoakum

If you want a real good scare, head over to Yoakum's hospital. Super abandoned, super weird, and they even have haunted tours you can attend overnight. I am going to have to pass on that one, but if you are brave enough, try it out and see how long you last.

Galveston's Dark Past

Up the antics and hop in the car for a quick trip to Galveston. This city is one of the more haunted cities in Texas and for a good reason. There is some pretty dark history in this place including murders and tons of other tragedies.

Horrific Texas Paranormal Destinations

Check out these super chilling and terrifying places that host tons of paranormal activity. If you're looking for a good scare then be sure to make your way to one of these locations.

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