We live in a time in which a given band's name can be shocking or offensive, and no one bats an eye. It wasn't always this way. Used to be, certain band names were just odd. Were you to take a trip to your local record store in the late ‘60s, not only could you expose yourself to new sounds, you could also find a whole host of bands whose names would compel you to either nod your head in appreciation, or scratch it in puzzlement.

That "be-in" you were planning to be at on Friday? Would the new Frumious Bandersnatch or Jefferson Airplane records be good accompaniment? Or if your friend Sunlight Anderson and her boyfriend Winter Cod were bringing the snacks, you’d definitely want to consider buying that Peanut Butter Conspiracy record, along with the new single by the Red Crayola with the Familiar Ugly. You just knew if Wildflower Harrison and Chuckie were going to be there, they’d be bringing Big Brother and the Holding Company and Thirteenth Floor Elevators albums, since people would want something to chill out afterward. Maybe pick up those Creedence Clearwater Revival singles and the Chocolate Watchband album — they’d do fine.

Fast-forward 50 years. There are barely any record stores to go to anymore. You’re worried about your grandkids, though. The oldest one, LeBon, wears a T-shirt bearing the name of a band called … And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. His favorite group is something called Five Finger Death Punch, and his girlfriend supposedly knows someone in a band called Death Cab for Cutie.

The younger one, Ridgely? Well, goodness only knows what his favorite bands sound like. You took a peek at one of his playlists earlier, and were aghast at what you saw. Thirty-five names that cannot be repeated in polite company; they might even be a problem in impolite company. They are not for the easily offended, that’s for sure.

Scroll down and see for yourself.

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