Texas heat is no joke. Nothing is worse than walking around with sweat dripping down your forehead, every Texan has owned their own sweat towel at some point in their life. Summers can feel miserable sometimes. However, there are a few ways to cool down.

Sure, you can stay indoors in the a/c and watch TV all summer, but what fun is that? Inside, hit the pavement and cool down the old fashion way: with some cold sweets! The Crossroads has quite a few amazing gems to hit up that will help cool you down all summer long.

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There are local places that are chopping up and scooping up treats that are perfect for the summertime. They range from highly traditional to super creative. If there are some items you have never tried, don't be scared, step out of your comfort zone, and order something new! If you don't like it pass it along and another item, who knows, you might find your new favorite treat this summer!

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