We all know how hot it is outside, and there's nothing better than something that's ice cold to cool off with. I conducted a completely unscientific survey to see what kinds of things people said they like to cool off with. Here are the results.


Sonic Iced Tea Came out on Top

I received more mentions of Sonic than any other place. Some people said Sonic iced tea was their favorite cool down treat, and more specifically, the Sonic location on Navarro St. in front of Academy was singled out for their 'always super-fresh', unsweetened tea. Some others that mentioned tea also said Sonic was their favorite and, at least one respondent liked Sonic Blasts the best. Also mentioned was frozen lemonades and limeades from Sonic

Crazy About Mangonadas was #2

Mangonadas are new to the area and may qualify as the latest craze. Described as a 'quintessential Mexican Treat,' it's typically made of mango, orange juice, chamoy, and chile lime salt. It's like a slush, but oh, so much better. Crazy About Mangonadas specializes in those but, they have a lot of other flavors like strawberry shortcake, caramelo, pina loca, cherry limonada and more. These guys are usually set up in Port Lavaca on Tuesdays (1412 W. Main St. in the Hair Performance parking lot, in Victoria on Wednesday (802 E. Rio Grande at Pitstop Kwik Lube), and in Bloomington on Thursday (across from the Fire Station, at the Dr. James Coleman and Family residence). On weekends, they either set up at various area events or, at the 802 E. Rio Grande location. Crazy About Mangonadas was my personal favorite.

Sno Cones Came in 3rd

Everybody loves sno cones. Who doesn't remember enjoying those as a kid? They're even more popular today among all ages, and the number of available flavors is almost mind boggling. One particular name that was mentioned was Ortega's Sno, located in front of AutoZone on N. Navarro St. but, just cruise around Victoria, and you'll see sno cone trucks in several locations.

Not mentioned by respondents, but still worth mentioning because I like them, Boba Teas (which are pretty good, and available all over town), Slurpees and slushes; milkshakes and Blizzards from Dairy Queen; any ice cream from Marble Slab; ice cream from any store (Blue Bell, anyone?); Cherry berry Frozen Yogurt ( I haven't been there in a while but, I do love it).

What are your favorites?






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