Pumpkin Season Y'all!

October 1st you start seeing all the pumpkins in HEB, Walmart, and all over the Crossroads. Now your first go-to idea may be to carve out some spooky design and give life to the pumpkin. That is cool, but such an old move.

Nowadays people are opting for a less sticky less messy type of pumpkin design. Throw out the pumpkin scooper and carving kits, instead grab some paint and glue.

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Ditch the Carving Tools

Carving pumpkins is fun, but designing a pumpkin without carving it is just as fun. You can get as creative as you want with fewer limits. No carve pumpkin designs are great for everybody, there are no age limits for this type of fun.

You can get spooky and go the classic route by painting on a spooky face or giving that pumpkin some sharp scary teeth by brushing on some black paint. Forget about trying to carve those chompers out.

Glamorous or Spooky

You could glam your pumpkin up by painting with gold or silver paint for a classy look. You can get a glamorous as you would like. Add some strings of gems or give a super modern design with geometric patterns.

Spunk up the place by opting for bright or pastel colors and go to town. Create a palette of colors and group pumpkins of three with similar patterns for fun indoor pumpkins.

You can even cut out some wings and hot glue them to a black pumpkin to create some bats that you can place or hang all over for trick or treaters to walk past on Halloween.

The best part about many o the no-carve pumpkins is that you can do it to real or artificial pumpkins, and depending on the design, they can look great throughout the entire fall season. So check out a few different designs to get you inspired to create your own no-carve pumpkins.

Shoot us a message and let us see your no-carve pumpkins and we will feature them on our social media pages! 

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