There has been quite a ruckus going on in a town so small that you might miss it if you blink. Tivoli, Texas, home of the Redfish and now something more savage.

Living in Tivoli you can expect a tight-knit small community of people. There isn't much going on, but it's a quaint type of living many people love. However, locals in Tivoli have been experiencing something particularly savage lately. 

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There is definitely something going around Tivoli that is causing grief. Some residents have reported waking up and finding their animals dead. Jose Salinas of Tivoli took to social media to help identify what could be creeping around in his backyard and killing his animals.

"Something came in last night and killed all of our ducks and a majority of our chickens." 

Photo Courtesy of Jose Salinas

He posted up paw prints that were left in the mud. He suspected a bobcat, but commentators also suggested it may be some type of dog or coyote. 


Then, one night the preditor was back. Fortunately, this time the culprit was caught on camera.

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The photo shows a massive bobcat prowling around the yard. Knowing this creature is in your backyard would be terrifying to most people, but this particular bobcat was no stranger to the locals.

"It has been kind of a legend in Tivoli lately because everyone has seen this bobcat but I think this is the first actual picture of it," Salinas told us.

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In his backyard alone, Salinas totaled the number of animals this bobcat has gotten ahold of, "It killed 9 chickens and 4 ducks for sure although we had like 7 more disappear that we never found, and 3 of our neighbor's chickens."


Bobcats are typically shy, which is why they naturally hang around at night to avoid people. Bobcats sharpen their claws on tree trunks and frequently climb trees to keep a lookout, so keep an eye out for those types of marks. Honestly, that sounds terrifying, and I never want to look up at a tree and see a bobcat glaring down at me.


Trapping USA has a thorough list of ways to help keep you, your family, and your pets safe around bobcats. Here are a few ways to help deter them from your property:

  • You can scare off a bobcat or other wildlife with a loud clap or yell. They’ll be easily scared and will runoff.
  • Don’t leave your pets unattended outdoors for long periods
  • Clean up brush, piles of wood, and remove any food sources.
  • Tell your family to avoid bushy areas or paths near abandoned properties.
  • Don’t leave your pets unattended outdoors for long periods
  •  and dont allow your pet to play or get close to wild animals.
  • Put up a fence. If your yard is already fenced, keep it well-maintained.
  • Remove any food sources on or near your property (pet food, fallen tree/plant fruit, food in waste cans.

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