Over the course of their nearly 40-year career, AC/DC has sold more than 200 million albums, scored three Top 40 hits and won a Grammy – and now they’re plunking their amps down on Park Place.

Yes, that’s right: AC/DC is joining the Rolling Stones and Metallica on the short list of bands who have earned the honor of having a special edition of Parker Brothers’ Monopoly named after them. The ‘AC/DC Collector’s Edition’ will go on sale in August.

According to a press release posted at the band’s website, this “is the first and only game that combines the risk-taking, deal-making Monopoly gameplay with one of the most legendary and enduring rock ‘n roll bands of all time, allowing fans to vie for control of AC/DC’s most iconic albums and international locations.”

And yes, not only will the AC/DC Collector’s Edition give you the opportunity to “own” Back in Black and Highway to Hell, it’ll also come with an assortment of unique game tokens, replacing the traditional iron, wheelbarrow and thimble with pieces that include a cannon, stacks of cash, and a lightning bolt.

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