The Alamo Drafthouse is built on a simple concept: great movies, good food, and most important of all — don’t talk or use your cell phone in the theater, or they will not hesitate to kick you out without a refund. Drafthouse CEO Tim League has devoted his brand to focusing on why we go to theaters in the first place, which is to watch movies, despite what some movie-goers and major corporate chains would have you believe. Following AMC’s briefly disastrous flirtation with allowing people to text in their theaters, League delivered a very thoughtful response, but if you’d rather watch a TL;DR version, you can see his predictably great reaction to this ill-conceived concept in the video above.

Done in the style of the Alamo Drafthouse’s famous Don’t Talk PSAs (which often feature actors and directors humorously warning audience members of the perils of breaking the Alamo’s cardinal rule), the video features a clip from a Today show segment about comments made by AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron, followed by League’s succinct response. It ends with a great meme-style shot reiterating the Drafthouse’s commitment to kicking out those who would dare spoil the movie-going experience by talking and texting.

You can read League’s full response to Aron’s comments over at Birth.Movies.Death, in which the Drafthouse CEO explains how and why allowing people to text during movies is exactly the worst sort of concession a theater could offer. But as many people have rightfully pointed out since Aron gave — and retracted — his statement, AMC already allows texting and talking in their theaters. They just don’t promote it.

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