The fight over convincing motorists not to text and drive may have taken a turn for the better in one state.

New York has unveiled 'texting zones' along various highways, where drivers can pull off the road to use their phones in the hopes of curtailing accidents on the road that stem from texting and driving.

The zones -- there are 91 of them throughout the state -- are located along rest stops and park-n-ride lots. There will be nearly 300 signs on the roads alerting motorists to them, giving them ample opportunity to find the ideal place to pull over.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “With this new effort, we are sending a clear message to drivers that there is no excuse to take your hands off the wheel and eyes off the road because your text can wait until the next texting zone.”

Drivers may want to take notice: Governor Cuomo says New York has seen a 365% jump in tickets given out to people for using their phones in the past year.

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