Listeners in Aransas Pass, Texas are heading into the weekend with news of a No Use Order for city water.

What? It's Friday! Yup, If you have city water the 'No Use Order' asks that you do not use it for anything other than washing clothes and flushing toilets. All other uses for Aransas Pass city water should be avoided for now.

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What Happened to the Water?

The City has announced the order is due to the possibility of contamination. They are not asking that you boil water, but reports like the one from KIII confirm that the city is specifically asking you not to use it at all. Unless it is for washing clothes or flushing the toilet. Officials are also asking that we all avoid using city water to fill up any water dishes for our pets. They should not drink it either.

We're Working On It

Aransas Pass is working with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to solve whatever it was that resulted in a "possible contamination". It seems to be a situation that all parties are taking pretty seriously. The TCEQ in the Corpus Christi area has reported a possible backflow issue recently, and the Aransas Pass are order is likely a result of this. The TCEQ says they are on the scene of the backflow and have found "unidentified chemicals" that they continue to examine "other sources of concern" with the public water system.

It kinda makes you think of all the ways you use your tap water that you may not think about very often. The order reminds residents not to drink the water, or brush their teeth with it. Those with city water should also avoid showering or bathing in it.

Texans in Aransas Pass are no strangers to period without city water, but let's just hope that whatever is in the water can be quickly cleaned out. In the meantime, how about a bottle of water? How many bottles of water does it take for a person to take a shower?

Who You Can Contact for Help

For more information from Water Utility contact Jeff Burkhead at 361-758-5301.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is sending 40 pallets of bottled water to Aransas Pass that will be made available to the public. The update on their website says residents should follow TCEQ and the city on social media for more announcements about the distribution of supplies.

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