Walking Into a Horrific Scene

Aransas Pass law enforcement walked into a horrific scene Wednesday evening. Department of Public Safety contacted the Aransas Pass Sheriffs Department after some severe events were brought to their attention. Concerning and urgent reports were made regarding a youth male who had posted disturbing and graphic photos on his social media page.

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Disturbing Social Media Posts

A 15-year-old male had been reported to the authorities after posting explicit photos of deceased bodies claiming they were his family members and he had just killed them. He continued making threatening and frightening posts, claiming to continue the violence at a nearby school.

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The Police Confrontation

The Aransas Pass Police Department teamed up with other law enforcement involved and then wasted no time to take swift action. They were able to locate the RV park where the 15-year-old stayed at. They cautiously approached the RV and requested he come out to talk, which he refused to do so.

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A Horrifying Scene

Moments later a gunshot was heard from the RV then a loud thud, similar to someone falling to the floor. Law enforcement quickly swooped in only to find a horrific scene. The police walked into the disturbing scene that was previously posted on the 15-year-old social media.

Laying on the floor was the 15 years old, dead with a gunshot wound. There were also three others dead in the RV as well as two dogs who had also been killed. If it weren't for the swift actions of all the law enforcement involved this could have escalated into an even more tragic and deadly situation.

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