While some restaurants have closed their doors in Victoria (Johnny Carino's, Montana Mike's, Chipotle, just to name a few), there may be others coming to take their place.

In a published article in the Victoria Advocate, Retail Coach senior vice president Aaron Farmer told the Victoria Chamber of Commerce that a fast-food restaurant and a casual sit-down chain are both considering opening a location here.

Speaking at a chamber luncheon yesterday, Farmer said they're working on location sites with the restaurants right now. He added that in addition to the 2 that are pretty close to opening, there are a few others they are talking to as well, although those aren't as far along in the process.

Farmer told the chamber that despite some businesses closing recently, the retail market in Victoria is a strong one. He said sales tax revenue was up about $2.3 million higher than in 2017. Farmer also noted that national chain businesses closing are often based on corporate decisions, citing the closing of Sears at Victoria Mall as an example.

New restaurants sound great, don't they? Which ones would you like to see open here? My #1 would have to be Cracker Barrel.

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