Forbe's magazine has put together a list of the most overpaid Hollywood actors.  Only one of the  usual suspects are on the list. 

It's funny to watch this list change over the years.  This time around you won't see Sly Stalone or Kevin Costner. 

There is only one mainstay.  That would be Eddie Murphy.    Poor guy can't get off this list! 

Here's the top ten : 

1)  Drew Barrymore -  For every $1.00 she gets paid...there is approximately a $.40 return on that      investment.

2)  Eddie Murphy - His new movie with Ben Stiller opened #2 at the box office.  This might help. 

3)  Will Ferrel - Wow.  Didn't expect this one.

4)  Reese Witherspoon - Too many similarly cheesy romantic comedies.  See #1.  They have a lot in common.  See Sandra Bullock 5-7 years ago.

5)  Denzel Washington - Has ahd a few sci-fi, action flicks too many.

6)  Nic Cage -  Has been on this list before.  New mainstay?

7)  Adam Sandler - C'mon...a movie about a magic remote control?

8)  Vince Vaughan - Really?  See #3, I guess.

9)  Tom Cruise - Mission Impossible 7 anyone?

10)  Nicole Kidman - A long way from Days of Thunder.

Now...Who will be on this list next year.

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