The Legendary Miss Britney Spears' Instagram account is a treasure trove of cool, urban and vintage finds — from #SexySunday to photos of corn she found on Google Images to rehearsal footage for the upcoming revamped version of her Las Vegas residency show, Piece Of Me.

But now, she's really gone and given us something mysterious.

In a series of black and white video posts posted this afternoon, Brit Brit strikes a pose, delivering sensual slow-mo hair flips while showing off her blazing Yoganey bodeh in a buh-kini, all set to the sound of Nathaniel Ratecliff & The Night Sweats' "S.O.B." which, funnily enough, we highlighted as a Best Song We Heard This Week in August last year. (Thanks for reading PopCrush, B.)

Seriously, hot as ice is a severe understatement — she's a 20 out of 10, for sure. But why? WHY? What did we do to deserve this blessing?

Maui Fantasy promo? A new Piece Of Me backdrop for "Breathe On Me"? A B9 teaser, even? Just somethin' she had lying around on her camera roll after a shoot with her stylist, Glenn Nutley? (It's probably this one.)

And what's with Ritualisticney's tattoos? LITERALLY NO IDEA.

Instagram: @BritneySpears
Instagram: @BritneySpears

ALSO: W-h-a-t even is this Illuminati hand gesture? IS IT AN UPSIDE DOWN "9" FOR B9? (It's probably not that.)

And another thing: The lyrics of the Ratecliff song are "for seventeen years I've been throwing them back," which is exactly how long it's been since the January '99 release of her record-breaking debut, ...Baby One More Time. Coincidence...or nah?

Better question: Will she even tell us what this all about, or will she just go back to posting photos of delicious corn and act like none of this ever happened? (You already know she's going to do the latter.)

UPDATE: She went with the latter. A SHOE.

Life is never easy as a mega-fan of the elusive, ever-mysterious Miss Spears — but it sure as hell is never boring, either.

Britney's Blackout: Behind the Masterpiece

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