It’s the question that’s been ringing around the Golden Crescent for years (not really)…Who made the better “Crossroads” movie – Britney Spears or Ralph Macchio? It’s the perfect time to answer the question as both have been thrust back in the spotlight.  Britney with her conservator fight exposed by a recent Hulu documentary and Ralph with “Cobra Kai” the excellent “Karate Kid” spinoff on Netflix.

Ok , first let’s make this clear – both “Crossroads” (1986) and “Crossroads”(2002) have nothing to do with Victoria, Texas also known as the Crossroads.  However, since all these are considered the crossroads, I think it’s still important and we examine who made the best film with the namesake of Victoria, Texas. So, how do we do this? Well, this evaluation will be based upon 5 things – plot, star power, box office, reviews and legacy. So let’s get into it.

PLOT…(according to IMDB)

Crossroads (1986) - A wanna be blues guitar virtuoso seeks a long lost song by legendary musician, Robert Johnson.

Here's the trailer...

Crossroads (2002) - Three childhood best friends, and a guy they just met, take a road trip across the country, finding themselves and their friendship in the process.

Here's the trailer...

WINNER: 1986

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Crossroads (1986) - Ralph Macho was one of the biggest young stars at the time coming off the massive hit "The Karate Kid" (1984). And, Jamie Gertz was fresh off some teenage hit films. However, the 1986 Crossroads is really a two man show with Macchio and his Blues mentor played by the late great Joe Seneca.

Crossroads (2002) Britney Spears was one of the biggest stars in the world in 2002 so it’s a strong start for this argument.  However, her co-stars make this an unfair fight.  Britney’s two best friends are played by Taryn Manning (Orange Is The New Black) and Zoe Saldana (Guardians Of The Galaxy, Avatar) who’ve gone onto amazing careers.  SNL legend Dan Ackroyd and Sex In The City’s Kim Catrall appear as Britney’s parents.

WINNER: 2002


Crossroads (1986) Just under 6 million dollars...

Crossroads (2002) Britney made bank...61 Million!

WINNER: It's a blowout - Crossroads 2002

Britney Spears
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Crossroads (1986) IMDb Rating 7.1/10  Rotten Tomatoes   75% on the Tomatometer

Crossroads (2002) - IMDb Rating 3.6/10  Rotten Tomatoes  14% on the Tomatometer

WINNER: a lot


Crossroads (1986)  Although the Ralph Macchio guitar drama did well with critics, it's a movie that's hard to find.  It's almost forgotten in time.  I don't see any repeat viewings on cable like "Overboard." Heck, I haven't seen one play on cable.  Maybe if more people see it, it will be brought up more. Now it's just the movie Ralph did between "Karate Kid" movies.

Crossroads (2002) Hardly ever mentioned when people talk about Britney Spears, Crossroads is pretty bad.  This happens to movies sometimes when you try to capitalize in the biggest pop star in the world.  A great idea- poor execution. And, I haven't seen any replays on cable.



Ok, we are tied up at 3...who wins?  Well, if you paid money to see the 2002 version, you definitely did not win. All jokes aside, here's the final arguments...

Crossroads (1986)

PROS: Good blues based fun, 80's Ralph Macchio, Joe Seneca, Jamie Gertz, Steve Vai playing guitar in the final battle, Good V. Evil

CONS: If you weren't alive in 1986 - you probably haven't seen it.

Crossroads (2002)

PROS: Britney Spears, Zoe Saldana, Some of the Soundtrack.

CONS: The script (written by Shonda Rimes 'Grey's Anatomy'). The direction...should I go on?


Crossroads 1986 

Ralph Macchio Visits The IMDb Show
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