This burglar really ought to think about stealing a belt.

Police in Florida's Palm Beach County have released surveillance video of a man whose pants fell, causing him to trip over them while he tried to make his getaway after breaking into a car.

The incident, which took place on Father's Day, and featured a second bandit.

Let's set the scene for you: two men pull up to another vehicle on what appears to be a driveway and then bust into it before scampering when another car drives by.

The outlaws quickly scamper, but one of them falls and hits his head on the car door after his pants fall down.

Police say the duo made off with some change, a phone charger and a stethoscope, which makes us think the car belonged to a doctor or someone who's into some really strange role play.

Despite the tumble, the burglars are still on the loose. Our guess is the police are looking high and low at every tailor in town.

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