It is awesome to see some of the biggest Tejano stars come out to help someone in need. Just last month, Marcos Orozco and El Chavalon came together to help raise money for the awesome Emmy Saenz Foundation. Los Chamacos will now be doing the same thing to help support Julie Fuentez.

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Julie currently has a blockage in her bile duct, right outside of her liver. Julie's liver will start to fail first, then my kidneys. The first time it happened her liver was completely shut down and her kidneys were also starting to also fail. A mass was removed and was precancerous.  So far she has had 7 procedures.  Each time Julie goes, the procedure alone cost me $1000 and that does not include the doctor or anesthesia. A cause has not been found but it does happen every couple of months even with the stent they put in. We are sending our prayers and positive vibes to Julie Fuentez.


One thing you can do to help is just enjoyed some great Tejano music. Los Chamacos will be performing at Dodge City Saloon on Sunday, June 12 for an afternoon 'tardiada' style dance. Ten dollars will get you into the show and will also get you a Hamburger Plate. There will also be an auction and then the music will take over just after 3. You can also catch the local Tejano legend 'El Rey' mixing up the tunes.  Of course, you can always make a monetary donation to help in the cause as well.  A huge thank you to Los Chamacos for stepping up and helping one of their fans in need. If you need more information, please call Clara at 361 541-9250 or Pete at 361 648-8401


The last two singles 'Como Estas Tu' and "Chamacos Medley' have reignited the Chamacos fire and, currently, Los Chamacos are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  You can hear their latest two singles on KLUB - Tejano 106.9 and of course all of their classic hits, as well. BTW, that photo of Los Chamacos was taken right here in our VIP Lounge during their exclusive show for our KLUB VIPs.

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