Texas is a big, beautiful state, and the natives here pride themselves on those aspects. Texans work hard at keeping Texas looking good. There is a certain amount of pride and care taken into keeping the rootin' tootin' state so fresh and so clean.

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You can't go too far down a highway without passing by some type of ad, billboard, or sign reminding folks to keep trash off Texas roads. For over 35 years, Texas has gone out of its way to advocate an anti-litter campaign. The Don't Mess With Texas iconic signs and ads constantly remind anybody and everybody who hits the Texas pavement to keep their trash to themself.



Keeping up with the Texas pride, other campaigns like Adopt-a-Highway aim at beautifying Texas. The Crossroads is no stranger to these types of programs, and like many other Texas counties, the residents here beam with pride.

Right now, the City of Victoria, along with Keep Victoria Beautiful, is looking for volunteers to help with an upcoming Adopt-a-Highway cleanup. Grab a cup of joe early this Saturday, April 10th, and meet up in the Target parking lot. Volunteers will be split into groups and will be cleaning Loop 463 between highways 77 and 87.

If you want to help keep Texas the Crossroads as beautiful as can be, just sign up at HERE or give Christy Youker a call at 361-485-3235; if you want to keep it old school, you can even shoot her an email at cvouker@victoriatx.gov. Show your Texas pride and get out there and put in some leg work.

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