Texans have been keeping an eye on the Corpus Christi community ever since the city became one of the first in the state to receive COVID-19 vaccination.

This week as part of the 'Save Our Seniors' program Corpus Christi is now also getting the vaccine to those who can not come out and receive it from a Doctor or clinic. Many seniors are not able to travel or may be homebound. The City of Corpus Christi is instead sending the vaccine out to them thanks to the local firefighters.


The video above features Firefighters Aaron Hernandez and Cadet Parker Moore out on a most important delivery. They have been one of five teams the city has driving around administering vaccines. The firefighters are delivering what KIII News says are about 200 doses of the Moderna vaccine. These seniors are also part of the CC Meals on Wheels campaign. Great idea!

Firefighter Hernandez told KIII News, "When they decide they want the vaccine we go in there, give them the shot, wait about 15-30 minutes to see if they have an adverse reaction and at that point, they are done."

This city recently held a vaccination clinic at the fairgrounds in Robstown, but for those who can not drive themselves or travel, these firefighters are surely stepping up big.

The teams of firefighters made their way to the homes of over 100 residents over the last couple of days. Some declined the vaccine but many rolled up their sleeve and thanked the men and the city for their help.

So far their efforts have helped to vaccinate 108 senior citizens from their homes and the program is only just beginning.


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