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There has been a big clean-up going on in Victoria this week as over 120,000 gallons of red diesel and water were spilled into Dry Creek on Sunday. These are some hard times for many, and there has been no shortage of accidents when you consider winter storms and all the other pressures of life during a pandemic. At least we can be thankful for the teams making a huge effort to address the spill.

We owe our Victoria Emergency Management team and many Victoria County fireworks our gratitude for trying to address the mess as quickly as possible. This all happened on Sunday when the red diesel began to spill into Dry Creek over on Old Goliad Road according to Carolina Astrain who shared the story from Crossroadstoday.com.

For anyone who has had a basement flood, you know how much fun that can be. Imagine having to suck up 120,000+ gallons of red diesel and water? What a job. We are happy to say the crews had 124,716 gallons cleanup by yesterday afternoon.

Rick McBrayer with the Victoria County Office of Emergency Management has named Atlas Oil as the company responsible for the spill. Their Victoria location is over on Bob White Road.

It's a big win that our officials report the water wells in the area are safe. Several test samples have been analyzed to confirm residents are not in danger of the diesel appearing in their water. Crews have split the spill into three clean-up areas and report that Section Alpha is 90% cleaned up, Section Bravo is 85% cleaned, and Section Charlie is 100% clean.

Today the site will get a visit from Texas Parks and Wildlife to begin addressing recovery action items. No other hazards have been reported with this spill.

If you travel near or on Old Goliad Road you may experience delays due to the movement of heavy equipment addressing this issue along the roadways.

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