No one likes when teenagers think they’re above the laws we all must obey.

This young driver in California had developed a reputation for being dangerous on the roads while heading to school, so a parent stopped him to chastise him about how he handles himself on the road.

The kid seems like he's just letting all the man's words go in one ear and out the other before driving away, then stopping again and saying the man molested him.

The video was posted on YouTube, but got taken down. Prior to that, it stated police were investigating and the boy had been kicked out of school, in part because of the molestation claim.

The driver was kicked out of the high school he attends after the Dean of Students saw the video and also because the driver continued to state his claims that I molested him, which were proven false by this video, the dashcam video and also the two passengers in the vehicle also stated that I never touched the driver. However, because he continued to insist he did, the school had no choice but to file a report with Child Protective Services, then, on the basis of making those false allegations he was kicked out of the school and criminal charges are being filed. Charges are also being filed regarding his driving.

It's another example of how youngsters somehow give off an air of entitlement that doesn't make them look so good. Meanwhile, the encounter has generated plenty of opinions, most of which are not going to help the teen's cause.

Meanwhile in Napa

Posted by Stanley Roberts KRON 4 on Saturday, November 7, 2015

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