I see it all the time-someone posting on social media something like "beware, so-and-so is now a licensed driver." These parents are proud of their kids, and they should be. It also seems like we hear all the time about bad drivers in Victoria, teens texting and driving, and the tragedies that can result from distracted driving. That's why a study by WalletHub was a little surprising to me, because it has Texas in the middle of the pack when it comes to Best and Worst States for Teen Drivers.

Based on statistics including the number of teen driving fatalities, average cost of car repairs, and presence if impaired driving laws, Texas came in as the 24th Best State for Teen Drivers.

Now, don't go getting complacent over these stats because auto accidents are still the number one cause of death among 16-19 year olds, the age group that has the highest number of accidents.

What is surprising to me is the fact that New York is ranked as the best state for teen drivers because I've lived there, and believe me, those drivers are crazy!


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