This is not something I'd condone doing but you gotta give the guy props for trying and ultimately succeeding.

Adam Boyd, a teenager in England, is a big fan of the band The Sherlocks. He and his friends were late to one of their concerts and by time they got in the only seats left were....less than desirable.

So Adam, being the super fan that he is, decided to try something so bizarre it just had to work right? Well, it did.

Adam went to the band's Wikipedia page and edited it so it would list him as the lead singer's cousin. He used this to try and gain access to the backstage VIP area. The security guard let him right in.

I imagine this made the young lad's night....I also imagine there is an out of work security guard in England somewhere. As for they band? They weren't upset but rather impressed that the stunt actually worked.

“Fair play to the lad, we found it very funny and he put some good thought into it. Even funnier that his plan worked. Good effort!”

It worked this time but I wouldn't go trying this at a Metallica concert anytime soon though.

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