A flight from NYC to California had to make a quick detour after a wild scene broke out mid-air. An American Airline attendant is recovering from a violent attack during her shift.

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The woman was making her rounds on the flight and she bumped into a male passenger. He said the flight attendant bumped the passenger before the male suspect got out of his seat and then approached her.

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The (potentially) accidentally bump did not go over well with the passenger. When he approached her he punched her so hard that she had broken bones in her face and nose. The passenger was taken into custody after the flight made a quick pit stop in Denver to remove him from the plane.

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As the passenger was escorted from the plane other passengers booed him on the way out. Videos are circulating right now of the attacker on his way out.

A witness talked to KPIX and described the flight attendants condition, "she had blood splattered on the outside of her mask." One older traveler talked to the media saying, "I think people just need to chill out and be kind, kind is the most important thing right now"

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Not too long ago we reported the same airline banning a woman and refusing her access to the plane after she went hysterical on an employee over her mask; it was a hot mess.

This recent attack led to the suspect being banned from American Airlines, however, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants wants to amp up the punishment. They are calling on the FAA and the Department of Transportation to begin prosecuting and banning passengers from all airlines. Union spokesperson Paul Hartshorn Jr., explained, “We need passengers to feel safe onboard an aircraft whether that is with the virus or whether that is knowing it’s going to be safe and they’re not going to be attacked or witness an attack that puts the airplane in jeopardy at 35,000 feet."

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