Talk about a rumble. Two women from New York were traveling first class on an American Airlines Flight from Dallas to Los Angeles when things got out of hand.


Kelly Pichardo, a 32-year-old woman from the Bronx was aboard the Texas flight when tensions escalated mid-air. According to federal prosecutors, Pichardo and another first-class female passenger were engaging in "intimidating behavior."

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While the plane was en route to Los Angeles the two women began to physically assault a male passenger. Startled, another passenger tried to quickly intervene, however, the woman refused to stop and began yelling racial slurs.


The man who tried to break up the fight pulled out his cell phone and began to record the women. When Pichardo noticed she was being recorded she allegedly spit on the man with the camera.

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The disturbing situation forced the pilot to redirect the plane to Phoenix where the women were immediately removed from the flight. It is unclear what made the woman engage in such violent and disorderly behavior however, it is a quite serious situation.


The FBI and Phoenix police opened a case against the woman and each of the women was indicted for disorderly conduct for verbally and physically assaulting other passengers and flight crew members.

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Pichardo was recently ordered to pay $9,200 in restitution to American Airlines. She will also spend 4 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release following her prison stay. The other unnamed woman has pleaded guilty and is set for sentencing in November.

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