The Daunting Task

Trying to come up with a fun yet acceptable name for a child can be daunting. So daunting in fact, I didn't name my kiddo until hours after I gave birth, she was simply 'baby girl' for the first couple of hours of her life.

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The Forbidden List

Nothing is worse than finally coming up with a baby name, only to find it on the forbidden list of names in Texas. *gasp* To be fair, Texas is a lot more lax compared to other states and countries, however, there are some rules to the naming game.

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For instance, did you know that Texas forbids parents from using special characters in their child's name, which includes common accents in Spanish names? Sorry Jose you're going to need to ex-nay that accent.

A Whole Mouthful of a Name

It is also prohibited from using numbers in a name, sorry William the 15th. Another bummer rule in Texas baby names can only have 100 characters or less; maybe that one is for the best since I don't want to spend a minute just pronouncing someone's name.

15 Most Forbidden Off-Limits Baby Names in Texas

So if you're in the market for a baby name or just curious about the do's and don't keep scrolling to see our list of 15 absolutely forbidden baby names in the great state of Texas.

Forbidden Baby Names in the Great State of Texas

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