You can't make this stuff up. Okay, you can make it up, but many times you don't have to. From the Washington Post comes a story about a man arrested for dealing drugs, a man by the name of...Cokayne.True story! Last week, Fairfax County Police arrested 24 yr old Kevin Lee Cokayne for dealing drugs. Now, if that weren't enough, this is from the actual newspaper article on the case.

"The police were looking to acquire Cokayne, so they went to a house on Franklin Farm Road in the Herndon area and found Cokayne in a rented apartment in the basement, according to a search warrant affidavit filed in court ."

It's kind of like the old joke "who's on first."

As it turns out, Cokayne didn't have any cocaine, but Police did arrest him for distributing marijuana. Authorities added that on his Facebook page, Cokayne has a picture of an eight-ball.

Oh, wait...that's an actual eight-ball from a pool table.

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