Dallas Police Department has quickly released body cam footage and airport footage of the moments leading up to the Love Field Airport shooting.

You can scroll down to watch the police footage.

Uber Ride and a Change of Clothes

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37-year-old Portia Odufuwa was dropped off at the Dallas airport just before 11 am by, which has now been confirmed as an Uber driver, who has no relation to the shooting.

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Odufuwa is seen going into the bathroom for about 5 minutes.  She walked out wearing a hoodie with the hood up and kept her hands in the front pocket.

Life-Saving and Quick Acting Officers

She makes an announcement in which she ends by stating she is going to "blow up the airport" and proceeds to pull a handgun from her sweatshirt.

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At 11:06:44 she pointed the gun towards the ceiling and fired multiple rounds. Thankfully, Officer Ronald Cronin, a 15-year veteran of DPD, was in the immediate area and engaged Ms. Odufuwa, giving verbal commands to drop the weapon, the press release stated.

At 11:06:50, Odufuwa pointed her gun at Officer Cronin and an innocent bystander, and at 11:06:51, just a millisecond after, Officer Cronin took cover behind a ticket kiosk and fired his department-issued weapon hitting Odufuwa multiple times.

Situation De-escalated and Charges Filed

Officer Cronin heroically made a split-second decision and potentially saved the lives of all the innocent people in the giant airport. Odufuwa has been charged with aggravated assault against a public servant, other charges are possible.

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Way to go Dallas Police Department for your fast-acting policemen and the swift release of footage for the public.

You can read the original report HERE.

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