Astros fans are either really excited or the rest of the air just went out of the Houston balloon. While the deal is not yet finalized on this Tuesday afternoon, it seems the Astros have their sites set on possibly hiring Dusty Baker as the new manager of the ballclub.

Don't get me wrong, Dusty has a ton of big market MLB experience. As a lifelong Cubs fan though, I have some issues with his ability to take his teams all the way. Ask the Cubs, Reds, Nationals, or the Giants. Sure they had plenty of playoff appearances, but how many rings does Dusty have? reports a person with knowledge of the deal talked Associated Press on Tuesday. That person spoke on the condition of anonymity because the deal isn't finalized yet.

Dusty is about to turn 70 years old. His MLB record as a manager is 1863 Wins and 1636 Losses. After 22 seasons in the big leagues, Dusty got within one game of managing in a World Series back in 2002 with San Fransisco.

With all the talent on the Astros roster, the upside is that this Houston ballclub may finally be one that has just about all the tools they need to go deep in the postseason from day 1 of Dusty's tenure. If the deal is finalized we wish him the best of luck! Go Astros!

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