So, you're at the ATM making a getting some cash when to your surprise, the machine is giving you 10 times as much as you ask for. Bonus, right? Usually not but, this time you're in luck!

A Houston-area ATM machine did just that a few days ago, dispensing $100 dollar bills instead of $10 bills. Harris County sheriff's deputies had to go protect the machine for Bank of America because word got out on social media, and they wanted to avoid a riot.

Now, you might think that it was a computer glitch but, this was truly a result of human error. Bank officials say a vendor was at fault, because they mistakenly loaded $100 bills instead of $10 bills.

The incident happened last Sunday and bank officials aren't saying how much cash was wrongly disensed but, good news for those that got the bonus cash because bank officials say the people that did get it to keep it. Sweet!



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