There has been talk for some time about the Texas Department of Transportation putting in a median on Navarro St. in Victoria. Most of the comments I've heard or read are against it. Business owners say it will keep customers from going to their business, some drivers think it will just be a hindrance and make things less convenient to get to. But, what's the bottom line? Safety.

There is just too much daily traffic on Navarro. People use the center lane incorrectly. Drivers who are going to businesses on opposite sides of the street at the same time have to play 'avoid the head-on collision.'  It can be downright treacherous.

Where I grew up in Michigan, medians were just a fact of life. They definitely made the busy streets safer. More convenient for drivers, too. How often have you been waiting to turn left onto Navarro from a business or a side street, and had to wait forever for traffic to clear? Like from the driveway between Jason's Deli and Jack-In-The Box. It'sw almost impossible. With a median, you just turn right, then a u-turn via the nearest median turnaround. But, I digress.

The point of this discussion is to let you know that if you have an opinion about the proposed median, you can voice it at an upcoming Navarro St. project open house Tuesday, August 22nd from 4:30-6:30pm at the Victoria Fine Arts Center, Conference Room D, at 1002 Sam Houston Dr.

Good thing they're not having it somewhere on Navarro.

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