Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may very well be the most hated man in the NFL. I'm always hearing from friends and Cowboys fans that they wish he would stay out of the limelight, and leave the coaching to the coaches. So, when a fan at last weekend's Cowboys-49ers game tossed a helmet to the owner who was walking from the field so Jones would autograph it and it hit him in the head, of course the internet had to chime in.

After a story about the incident was published on the website Deadspin, the comments were sure to follow and, naturally they were hilarious. Check it out.

Great, another QB controversy that Romo has to deal with.

Could be worse. It might not have hit him at all.


I don’t know what it is exactly that this person if trying to say, but I’ll defend with my life their right to say it by throwing shit at Jerry Jones.


Nice to see Joe Flacco getting some work on the side.


Jones picked up the items after they were thrown at him and signed them anyway: If only someone thought to throw a healthy wide-receiver’s contract.


In Jerry’s defense, the stripper’s breasts which are usually thrown toward his head don’t move near as fast as a football helmet…


I have a great Dallas Cowboys anvil I’ve been waiting to have signed. Jerry, catch!


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones took a helmet to the head before today’s game against the 49ers in Santa Clara. It seems that an overeager fan wanted the team memorabilia signed. Doesn’t one get memorabilia signed with the expectation that doing so will make its value increase?

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