The situation has squashed a lot of economic opportunities, including innocent little lemonade stands.  But now there's a bailout plan for that too, and kids can get a $100 stimulus check.

Drake Hitchcock/Jen Austin
Drake Hitchcock/Jen Austin

If you've got a budding entrepreneur in your family, it's hard to watch their hopes get dashed by the state of things right now.  My daughter is constantly trying to come up with ideas not only for things to do but ways to make a dollar or two at the same time.  She washed my car, watered the lawn, grew carrots and radishes, cleaned the windows, and stocked our freezer with cakes.  She wanted to have a lemonade stand too, but well, you know.  Lemonade stands and pandemics don't usually go together.

Country Time Lemonade is offering kids a $100 bailout this summer, and it's just a matter of filling out a short form HERE and uploading a photo.  You also need to answer the question, "How will your child use some of their stimulus check to juice the economy?"

Later this summer they'll award $100 prepaid gift cards to one thousand lucky kids.  Parents have to register since we're the ones over 18.  We can start the process now and come back later to upload a photo of the lemonade stand once the kids have had a chance to perfect it.

After registering, the email I got said the contest runs through August 12, and they'll award the prepaid cards after that. It's worth a shot.

Good luck kids!  Now, if only we can find a stimulus plan for adults and our margarita stands.  Maybe that's next.

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