In Texas, motorists eagerly pay $150 for the opportunity to display personalized messages on their license plates, but not every message gets the nod from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 

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In the first 11 months of 2023, a whopping 3,095 specialty license plate applications faced rejectionholding messages deemed offensive, inappropriate, or simply peculiar.


The rejected plates include "EW KAREN" and "5HITSHO," to "MOOOOV" and "IGOTTA*P" highlighting the diverse range of reasons for disapproval. The Texas DMV maintains strict guidelines to ensure decency on the road, rejecting messages featuring offensive language, references to race, ethnicity, gender, explicit content, violence, illegal activities, drugs, and negative commands towards fellow motorists.

Notable rejected vanity plates reveal amusing and eyebrow-raising choices like:



"0 PHKS"










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The Texas DMV justifies these rejections by adhering to guidelines that prohibit patterns conflicting with existing ones, as well as those considered objectionable or misleading. Such objectionable content includes indecency, vulgarity, derogatory references, promotion of illegal activities, and representations of law enforcement or military entities.

Texas DMV strives to maintain a semblance of decorum on the state's roads.

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