As you may know, there’s a new project making its way to Victoria and it’s every shopaholic’s dream! This new development project will allow almost 10 retail stores to make their way to us. If you’re wondering how to get there, the Victoria City Council approved further land development for a new exit ramp to make accessing the upcoming shopping center a little easier. For now, as traffic on Zac Lentz passes Home Depot, the exit ramp takes you to the light on John Stockbauer. This would cause residents to have to turn around to get to the area, so Victoria Assistant City Manager, Mike Etienne, has said the City is “investing funds directly with TxDot to relocate the exit ramp to that the relocation of the exit ramp will essentially make this site more developable.”

Houston-based company, Property Commerce, has actually owned the property just off the shoulder of Zac Lentz for some time now, but lack of access to the area had made it the biggest obstacle allowing for development. Etienne has also added that “the City’s investment and TxDOT’s support in relocating the ramp will essentially make this property developable.” The most exciting part of this all is that construction is said to begin by September of 2021, allowing for 10 retail spaces, with room for future expansion! Our Victoria is growing and we could not be more thrilled.

It seems as though we look forward to Victoria possibly becoming a college town within the next few years, as Property Commerce has developed the Ravenwood Village near Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, The Pillars at Houston Baptist in Houston, and the Grand Parkway Shopping Center off Fry Road, in Katy, Texas. These centers are home to various nail spas, fun retail spaces, and even homemade cuisines looking to find their way to us.

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