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Governor McConaughey? Has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

While nobody is perfect I am largely pleased with the work current Governor Abbott has done for the state with a few exceptions, and furthermore, I don't really believe McConaughey is gonna give up his acting career just yet. Nonetheless, this is a super intriguing story floating around the Lone Star state today.

McConaughey achieved 'favorite son' status in Texas a long time ago. If he actually ran for the office, I think he could easily win if he made a serious run. Ok, let's dive in.

FoxNewsAustin says McConaughey has gone on record as saying seeking the office of Governor in the state of Texas is a 'real consideration' for Matthew. He made the comment during a visit to 'The Balanced Voice' podcast. You can watch that video here.

Keep in mind, in the last few weeks McConaughey has also said that a career in professional wrestling with the WWE would also be something he would be interested in. Can you imagine a Governor who also made movies AND appeared on Saturday Night's Main Event? Remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger was Governor of California? Now Arnold did make a couple of movies while in the office so McConaughey might also be able to keep up his film career without objection. Maybe.

What would McConaughey's political stance look like? He's said in the past he wants to get behind Texans' personal values again and "rebind our social contracts with each other as Americans again." The star has said he feels both political parties have lost the trust of the American people which may lead to a lack of trust in ourselves.

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