The Memorial Weekend Bash featured epic performance after epic performance. However, Friday night's performance featuring Mike Gonzalez and the Iconiczz might have featured the most powerful moment of the weekend!

Before we get to that, it is important to point out that Jimmy Gonzalez's final show was in Victoria before he passed away!  He performed at the Victoria Community Center Dome. I believe it was a private event. I just remember seeing pictures of the stage setup on the floor of the Dome. Were you at that show?

Mike Gonzalez gets on the mic during Friday night's performance and says, 'Tonight's performance is an emotional one, my father played his last-ever show here in Victoria, Texas"  They finish their set and the crowd immediately starts shouting "otra!"

That is when many got chills, as the band started "Que Me Llevan Canciones." The moment was incredible and we were able to capture the following video. Jimmy Gonzalez's music will live on forever!

The Grammy Award-winning Jimmy Gonzalez of Grupo Mazz passed away on Wednesday, June 6, 2018, at Methodists Hospital in San Antonio hospital from complications of diabetes.  He was 67 years old when he passed.  Jimmy's next scheduled show was going to be as the headliner at the Aransas Pass Shrimporee.

Currently, Jimmy's son, Mike, is keeping his dad's music alive with his group, Mike and the Iconiczz will be dropping a new album later this year!  Keep it locked into KLUB Tejano 106.9 to hear the latest from the Iconiczz.


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