Connor Cox is your typical 18 year old college kid. And just like any 18 year old college kid, he hates chores when he goes home. And just like any typical teenager's mother, his mom Terri constantly has to remind him to do those chores.

Well when Connor went home over winter break, his mom asked him to do something every kid has had to do....take out the garbage before he left one day to go back to school. And, as is typical, he "forgot".

Fast forward to Connor returning to school. A couple of days later he received what he thought was a care package full of treats from his loving mother. Turns out...he was wrong.

As it turns out, his mom Terri had actually sent him the garbage he was supposed to have taken out. Something Connor said was not out of character for his mom. He said they have a great joking relationship but when she's serious about something....she's serious. As is evident by her "care package".

Connor said he has learned a valuable lesson from all of this......take out the garbage when mom asks.

Take note kids.

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