Marq Vincent Perez, the suspect in the Victoria Islamic Center fire, has had his trial moved from Houston to Corpus Wednesday.

Although he hasn't been formally charged with Arson as of yet, testimony from an ATF agent has connected Perez to the destruction of the mosque. The change of venue happened a few days after the defense attorney in the case requested the move because, get this, it was an inconvenience to his client for the trial to be so far away.

An inconvenience? Maybe his client should have thought about that before committing a hate crime. But, I digress.

Perez was scheduled to make a first appearance for another crime at 8:30 a.m. this morning. That crime is from a Jan. 15 incident in which a Victoria family reported explosives thrown at their home and shotgun blasts fired at their parked car.

No word yet on when the trial will begin but hopefully soon...wouldn't want to inconvenience this young man any further...

We'll keep you posted.

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