Imagine if your average grandmother could play guitar. We're talking about shred guitar along the lines of Joe Satriani or Steve Vai. Now, add a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor, some great melodies, and a search for her missing ct named Carlyle, and you've got one of my favorite guitar players by the name of Mrs. Smith. Where did her talent come from? According to her website,

In the 1990s she was kidnapped and held for ransom by a Norwegian death metal band and suffered the Stockholm Syndrome. Locked in a closet for three months with only a guitar to keep her company she acquired incredible musical abilities which she uses to vent her “grief and rage.”

Whatever the case may be, she rocks! Her first EP is available now, and here is the official video from a song called 'The Bob Ross Technique.'

Mrs. Smith, please come to Texas!


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