Dogs are man's best friend

That has been proven time and time again. In songs, photos, and real-life scenarios. A dog will always be there for you, they will never leave you or betray your trust.

Dogs are not like other animals. You have cats who are born with a sense of entitlement. Then you have things like reptiles who look cool but can't give you the same one-on-one bond as a dog. Dogs are service animals, companions, and for myself, a best friend and part of the family. Other animals are cool, but nothing can replace a dog's place in the family.

Not Everyone is a Good Boy

However, not all dogs are innocent 'good boys.' Yes, they are cute as a button, but something they can really wreck shop. Dogs can chew up socks, rip up couch pillows, and nibble your feet. It's not all rainbows and sunshine in a dog home.

Crazy Dog Lady Disclaimer

First and foremost, I am a crazy dog lady. I have my bestie Mr. Zuesy-Poo, a 70-pound lap dog who has a certain talent. He is a laid-back dog who loves humans but dispises other animals- I blame it on only child syndrome, although he does have his human sister.

The Modes of Zues

Zues has three modes: lazy butt sleep pants, attention seeker, or the stubborn hard head. So, he is either sleeping for hours on end, ramming my arm to cuddle his face, or demanding his way.

Particularly Talented

He has a special talent, one I particularly despise. Zues is a certified escape artist. He cannot be held back from a challenge. Whether it's escaping from his collar or jumping over a 6-foot fence, he can do it. The boy has legs for days so he is a sprinter.

Check out the top 5 greatest escapes from Mr.Zues and be sure to share your dogs greatest escapes on our free mobile app!

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  • 1

    You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself

    Pathetic, just look at that face. This is after escaping out the door. The front door was slightly crack for just a second, but that's all it took. He seen a escape route and bolted out that door in just a blink of an eye.

    It took so long to catch this guy. Mind you, I live in an apartment, so I'm sure a bunch of residents got a kick out of watching me chase this unofficial dog sprinter.

  • 2

    Quit Embarrassing Me!

    This one is what made me go out and buy a training collar. During a routine walk she tugged at the leash and slipped out of his collar. He ran so fast and never looked back once.

    I had to run to my car and chase him. Zues ran 4 blocks and cross a major road. Talk About embarrassing and dangerous.

  • 3

    Going To Great Heights

    Look at that tongue. he was tired after jumping over a 6-foot fence and having me run around for what seemed like an eternity.

    Zues is a certified escape artist, not even a 6 foot fence can hold him back.

  • 4

    Bestie Got Speed

    Mommies baby boy, as I call him, has no fear. After continuously jumping over a 6 foot gate I had to change it up.

    Don't come at me but I bought a shock collar for the backyard and trained him with it. It was either let him escape and get hit by a car or try something different. However, it didn't take long for him to figure out, a little shock never hurt no one.


    I watched him bolt past the invisible barrier, get shocked, then jump over the 6 foot gate. I wasn't even mad; I was impressed.


  • 5

    No Gate, Kennel, or Door Can Hold Him Back

    Zues used to be near chickens, main word: USED TO. He started to stare too hard at those innocent chicken, so I put up an outdoor dog kennel for him to roam around in while  he was outside.

    I soon learned, no gate, door, and chained fence could hold this guy back. He climbed up the gate squeezed through the top and jumped out. The ultimate escape artist ladies and gentleman.

    No matter what he puts me through I can't help but laugh. He puts me through the ringer and makes me workout to catch him, but I still love my Zuesy-Poo.


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