Dogs are not just animals, they are fur babies. Dog owners love their pets, they are part of a family. You eat, they eat; you relax, they relax; they are right by your side.

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Say Hello to Mr.Zuesy Poo

Dogs are so loving. That tail(or nub like my Zuesy-Poo) wags so wildly when you step through the door, it is heart-warming. My dog serves as a pet and an emotional support animal. Like many people, dogs can help ease the stresses of everyday life- and there are plenty of them.

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I am a crazy dog lady so I am obviously biased, but it is team dog all day long. The drool, the hyperness, the intense enthusiasm, im here for it all day long.

Besties for the Resties

It doesn't matter how many times my dog gets me in trouble for calling for me while I'm away from my apartment or how many times he gets into the trash bag while I step out, that dude is my best friend. Mr.Zuesy-Poo has me wrapped around his paw. As far as anyone is concerned I have two children; luckily they both love each other as well.

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Top Ranked Dog-Loving Cities

Plenty of Texans agree with me too. Lawnstarter just released a list of the top 200 dog-friendly cities. They ranked big cities from all over the U.S. and let's just say, Texas popped up quite a bit.

They ranked the big cities based on 22 key factors. These range from how many rentals are dog-friendly, the amount of dog services there are, and even how many restaurants allow dogs inside. Lawnstarter really went in-depth to determine the proper rankings.

Texas is Head Over Paws For Pups

Check out the top ten cities in Texas that are head over paws for their furbabies. Drop a picture of your fur baby on our socials or through our free mobile app!

Top 10 Dog-Friendly Texas Cities

Sniff out these ten dog-loving big cities in Texas and see what everyone is barking about.

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