Combining nudity and cooking sounds unappealing and dangerous as far as hobbies we'd like to take on, as we have yet to find an oven mitt engineered to keep our prized family jewels from being charbroiled. However, we're totally into being a spectator. 

The imminent threat of having their genitalia deep fried or seared has not stopped a group of friends from Manchester, England from getting buck naked and teaching their fellow hippies across the globe how to prepare vegan recipes with their new cooking blog:

And while a nudist cooking blog may seem to be sort of an exhibitionist approach to teaching people how to make vegetarian cuisine, the group insists that there is nothing sexual about the photos on the website and that their idea is really just about promoting tasty food and positive body images by showcasing normal, un-photoshopped people.

“We decided to team up and create a blog to share our recipes. At the time we thought of the idea, Luke happened to be in the kitchen cooking naked, and Naked Vegan Cooking was born,” says Jess, one of the co-founders of the blog.

Naked vegan cooking does appear to be a novel approach to putting some excitement back in to the kitchen; however, we do prefer our entrees without pubic hair and love meat, so we will most likely continue to prepare our meals in a style we like to call: "clothed and carnivorous."

A world of advice for those of you ready to incorporate these naked tactics into your backyard barbecue plans this summer: Be careful, and remember: women almost always prefer a man’s tube steak to be served extremely rare. We have no idea what that means, either.