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See you at the juice box #gostros

A post shared by @ h8usshirts on has  Astros fans talking about these new "Hate Us" t-shirts that have already sold out amoung the Houston faithful.

I mean, I know that fans of baseball all over the country are sad and upset over the sign-stealing story, but if there is one thing in America we have way too much of it is reasons to hate stuff that are way over the top. Hate is a strong word. I don't "hate" any of the Astros players. Did they do something wrong? Of course. But life is to short to carry around hate in your heart for anything. Least of all baseball.

Is this making lemonade out of lemons? Maybe. It's really just a clever marketing angle from the t-shirt maker who is capitalizing on all the baseball blowback. They are h8usshirts and you can find people wearing these all over Instagram today. They have sold out of the shirts completely and are "thanking" Astros fans for their passion (money). Their "sold out" notification was followed by a message that said "We love you, Houston. Hang tight while we restock."

Ya know who has got to be concerned? Dusty Baker. The new Astros coach has already gone on the record more than once saying the league needs to protect the ballclub from the blowback of the scandal. Oh really? Some would say the Astros made their bed, now they will have to lay in it. Dusty is trying to change the sheets before the season starts. Good luck, Sir.

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