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How often do you use delivery service apps like Door Dash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub? It's an incredibly convenient way to get not only food but other things like groceries too without even leaving the comfort of your own home. However, lately, there has been some disturbance in the delivery industry.

Some customers and even businesses have been noticing a disturbing trend. Orders don't seem to be getting picked up quickly by drivers, or in some cases: picked up AT ALL! This can be quite troublesome for not only a business but the customer as well! Can you imagine coming home from work starving and tired and waiting two hours only to figure out your food just isn't going to show up; I would be HEATED-or maybe HANGRY would be the more appropriate word.

According to KHOU, one driver from Kung Food Chu talked about the issue from a drivers point of view, commenting, "The most common excuse I hear among drivers and customers is 'no tip, no trip,'" driver Jason Barlow said

When customers order off a delivery service, there is an option to tip. A driver cannot see that a customer has tipped; however, they can see the total, and if the total is a small amount, they might assume there is no tip and pass it up.

Kate, another driver from an undisclosed delivery service, commented on the matter, she said: "If I see an order coming through that has no tip on it, I will decline that order; it will be offered to the next closest person, and then that person can choose to take it or decline it."

I can understand the debate from both sides; tipping is not mandatory, so why do it? But delivery service is a luxury so pay for the convenience if you want your food or products to arrive.

My question is, what happens if you, like me, tip cash? The driver might pass up my order because it doesn't look like I have left a tip, but in reality, I plan on delivering those sweet bills in person with a little cherry on top with some friendly salutations.

What do you think is an acceptable delivery time for an order? Take our poll below:


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