There are many businesses that have been fortunate to enjoy a boost in sales during these last few months. One business is the cheese! Pizza businesses!

According to a riveting press release offered by stock advisory The Motley Fool, Papa John executives noted that "social distancing efforts have disrupted sales by canceling large gatherings and sporting events that typically support pizza demand. But this slump has been offset by surging demand for pizza delivered to homes."

It probably won't come as much surprise to learn that pizza establishments such as Mr. Gatti's, Dominoes and Pappa Johns have all enjoyed increased delivery orders since the national self isolation suggestions.

As a tremendous bonus to communities, spiked pizza delivery orders have increased job opportunities for drivers. According to in an article titled, " The Big Shift: Transition to Delivery Tough but Potentially LIFE SAVING, Pizza Market Place reported, "Domino's started the charge last Friday, announcing it would hire 10 thousand new employees to meet the demand. That was followed early Monday by competitor Papa Johns who pledged it would hire 20,000 for similar purposes at that brand, as well as initiate contactless delivery. Pizza Hut said on its blog it will hire 30,000 to meet its and its patrons' needs.

Local 'Mom and Pop' pizza shop, "Paint's Pizza" located at 5001 J John Stockbaur, which had just celebrated it grand opening a few months before our community's social distancing orders went into effect, found a partnership with Favor to offer pizza delivery for their customers. They chose Favor because delivery was free and a perk for their customers.  Mike Paint offers, " Small local business like ours rely heavily right now on the community to keep doors open and employees working. Now is the best time to support truly local independent businesses."

So what are your favorite pizza toppings? And does pineapple really belong on the list? A topic for another time!

No matter how you take your pie, please be sure to tip your drivers!

picture alliance via Getty Image
picture alliance via Getty Image
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